Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau

Mission of TRPB

  1. To concentrate its attention on those areas which most significantly affect the integrity of racing, including race fixing, illegal medication of horses, horse substitution, hidden ownership, organized crime influences/association with licensees, and major narcotic activity.

    To address all other matters that have a negative impact on the business interests of TRA tracks and upon request to conduct due diligence background checks whenever a TRA member track is evaluating new business associates and enterprises or hiring key employees.

  2. To create and operate a modernized, effective system for the collection, evaluation, and dissemination of all available information on all personnel and other matters affecting the integrity of racing by:

    • Engaging in the business of furnishing or supplying information as to the personal character and activities of any person, firm, company or corporation, society or association, or of any person or groups of persons connected with or affecting directly or indirectly horse racing, or as to the character or kind of business and occupation of any such person, firm, company, or corporation.

    • Seeking out and exposing crimes, breaches of rules and regulations connected with or relating to Thoroughbred horse racing and any and all things prejudicial to the interest of the public and to the sport of horse racing; and to report any such crimes and breaches to track management and any governmental or private authorities having jurisdiction, for such action as they may deem proper, and to secure and turn over evidence for use before any such governmental or private authorities, or for use in the trial of civil or criminal cases.

    • Establishing and maintaining a computerized file system.

  3. To provide and/or manage security services at TRA tracks, when requested.

  4. To administrate and safeguard the horse tattoo program.

  5. To utilize the investigative and information resources of the TRPB in the development of new business opportunities within the equine and racing industry at large.