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Horse Identity

Through the use of a distinctive parallel cluster lip-tattoo die brand designed by the TRPB and registered as a Certification Mark in the United States and Canada, the TRPB has, since 1947, provided the Thoroughbred industry with the single most effective, secure, practical and economical method of horse identification available today. The utility of this lip-tattoo identification system for racing purposes is demonstrated daily by attentive identifiers conscientiously following established guidelines and procedures in varied racing situations at Thoroughbred racetracks throughout the United States and Canada.

Because of the recognized effectiveness of the lip-tattoo identification system, the great majority of State Racing Commissions have enacted rules requiring a horse to be tattoo-branded prior to entry in a race. As a service to all Thoroughbred racetracks to enable their compliance with these Commission-mandated rules, the TRPB applies the tattoo to Thoroughbreds stabled at all TRA-member tracks as well as non-member tracks and farms throughout the United States and Canada.

Since 1947, specially trained Technicians contracted by the TRPB have identified, tattooed and photographed more than 1.5 Million Thoroughbreds throughout the United States and Canada. In accordance with an existing agreement with The Arabian Jockey Club, these Technicians also identify, tattoo-brand and photograph Arabian horses racing at various racetracks in the United States and Canada.

In support of its tattooing activities, TRPB maintains a vast storehouse of information for each horse tattooed, including a report which details information about the horse as well as a photograph of the tattoo. This information is accessed on a regular basis by track identifiers who require assistance in correctly identifying a Thoroughbred; also by owners who conduct horse-identity research to learn the registered name, pedigree and racing history of Thoroughbreds acquired for non-racing pleasure use.

For matters relating to Standardbred tattooing, please contact the United States Trotting Association (USTA) at +614-224-2291, and for Quarter Horse tattooing please contact the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) at +806-376-4811.

Lip Tattooing

The TRPB currently has 60 tattoo technicians operating throughout the United States and Canada who are prepared to tattoo your Thoroughbred for identification purposes.

In order to have the lip of your Thoroughbred tattooed, you must possess a valid Certificate of Registration issued by The Jockey Club. There is a $80US/$100CAN charge for each horse tattooed, plus any expenses for a technician's travel exceeding reasonable and customary practice. Any thoroughbred whose markings are at variance with its Jockey Club Certificate of Registration will be rejected for tattooing and no fee charged. Travel expenses may still apply. Any Thoroughbred rejected for tattooing must receive a corrected certificate before tattooing can proceed.

To arrange to have your Thoroughbred tattooed, please contact TRPB at Phone: +410-398-2261 or via email at

Horse Identity Research

Attention Thoroughbred owners!

Do you own a lip-tattooed Thoroughbred but don't know its registered name, pedigree, and racing history? The TRPB is the source for this information.

For further information, please contact TRPB at Phone: +410-398-2261, via email at, or download the pdf application form.

There will be no research fee, however there is a $10.00 fee for a racing history.