Thoroughbred Racing Protective Bureau

September 2016 Update

The TRPB Tote Security Program has three components:

1) Prior to the start of betting, each Guest Tote System will provide salient details that assist in the management and identification by the Pari-Mutuel Host Racetrack, such as: the minimum bet amount for each pool; the type of currency being used by that Guest for betting; and into what pools the Guest will be betting;

2) The TRPB has been working with Tote Companies on more timely updates on existing win odds production and dissemination; and

3) When betting closes on a race, individual bet transaction detail is captured in a secure database accessible only by the Host Track Officials, Regulators and the TRPB Wagering Integrity Unit.

With the Tote Security System in place, the Pari-Mutuel Horse Racing Industry will finally be able to address a number of issues including verifying single tickets and bet amounts; the timing of bets that trigger large and late odds changes; the location and timing of bet cancellations; the bet runner detail in large payoffs and pools that had a significant carryover; and the ability for officials to follow multi-leg pools by the bet detail on a per-leg basis.

The TSS Host Racetrack will be requiring each of their Guests to agree to the terms and conditions of the Tote Security System, without charge. The TRA Racetrack Members have covered the costs of developing the Tote Security System, and some tracks are now able to reference ticket detail accounting for upwards of 90% of their handle.

A number of non-TRA racetracks have started contracting with the TRPB to have their Wagering Network handle covered by Transaction Capture for a per-race day nominal charge, and to have this data accessible to their management officials and regulators. These racetracks are joining the TRA tracks to be a Tote Security System user or “TSS Racetrack.” We will be providing a list of a growing number of tracks that are utilizing these integrity toolsets.

The TRPB Wagering Security and Analysis Platform is the result of a number of years of development and work, and currently is producing important operational information for the Pari-Mutuel Industry. The Tote Security System module is arguably the single largest leap forward in Wagering Integrity in the simulcasting era.

For any questions or comments concerning the Tote Security System, or a dialogue on how your racetrack association or regulatory jurisdiction can join, please write to or call TRPB.